Monday, December 15, 2014


New Bikes

We were getting ready to go camping and we had no choice but to get new bikes. All the kids bikes were sitting outside having the sun beat down on them and the dogs chewed up Joey and Brody's seat. The kids were very happy to get new ones and didn't want them to get dirty so in the house they came. 


Max had his friend Zach over for the day. Its all about Football of course and alittle golf!!


I decided to put Joey in Gymnastics to see if she would like it. She did like it, but then it kindof faded. Shes a mover and I think she wanted something faster pace. They were teaching her fundamentals and she"d rather just get out there and play. We tried it though:)

Tree Hill Crest Farm

Joeys class went to the Christmas Tree Farm. It is such a fun class trip. You can cut your own tree or they have tree ready to go. I want to get my flogged next year, it just looks so Christmas!!

Christmas Tree

We started this tradition 3 years ago. We decided that every tree needs a good home whether it has holes in it or not. The kids think its fun to cut the rope and see how pretty the tree is!!!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Christmas 2013

Here are some random pics of the 3 Christmas parties we have each year. The kids this year wanted a Kindle. It seems like every year the gifts are getting more expensive and smaller. I do love their faces when they open gifts. The gleam in their eyes is priceless. My parents are still dressing up each year which is very sweet of them. The kids have figured out though-lol